What happens when I apply a Block policy?

Block is a user Policy that defines how two users on the system are able to interact. The unidirectional action of blocking a user results in the blockee losing certain privileges in relation to the blocker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can perform a block action?

2. Who should be explicitly aware of a block?

3. Can a user unblock?

4. What information or actions are blocked? *

Actions still permitted:

* All of these are blocked bidirectionally. Block is an inherently unidirectional action (A blocks B), yet some actions should be unpermitted in a two-way fashion. Actions like sending a message to a blocked contact should not be permitted by either party after the blocker has elected to block.

5. Do the unpermitted actions fail silently or have an error?

6. How does blocking work in group chats or channels?

E.g. If a user Carol adds two participants to a group conversation, Alice and Bob, and Alice has blocked Bob (Carol has not blocked anyone, and is not aware of any blocking), both Alice and Bob will be added to Carol's conversation. Alice and Bob will be aware of each other as participants in the conversation (participant list), although neither will be able to see the messages of the other user. If Alice and Carol are conversing, Bob will only see Carol's side of the conversation; likewise if Bob and Carol are conversing, Alice will only see Carol's side of the conversation.

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