I try to send an image using Atlas but the receiver is only seeing a gray square.

Message Parts that are larger than 2k need to be manually downloaded and shown.  The bubble is showing a a gray area because the image hasn't been downloaded. 

For more information about Rich Content, check out this guide:

TIP:You can tell layerClient to automatically download specific mimetypes or content over a specific size.  To do this you can set the `autodownloadMIMETypes` or `autodownloadMaximumContentSize` properties on `LayerClient`.


// Download all JPEG's, PNG's, GIF's automatically
self.layerClient.autodownloadMIMETypes = [NSSet setWithObjects:@"image/jpeg", @"image/png",@"image/gif",nil];
// Download content that's up to 100 KB automatically
self.layerClient.autodownloadMaximumContentSize = 1024 * 100;
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