What's the difference between Staging and Production?

Staging and Production are very similar environments. Staging is not capped by performance, number of users, or messages. Staging apps can also send and receive push notifications. However, these are 2 important differences between staging and production:

  1. Only Staging apps can use Layer's built-in identity token provider in Production used by the Quick Start and Atlas Messenger apps. You will need to implement your own Identity Token Provider for Production. For more information, check out the Authentication Guide (iOS, Android, Web).
  2. User sessions on Staging only last for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the user will be de-authenticated and won't be able to send/receive messages. You will be issued an authentication challenge when the user is de-authenticated, and you can then re-authenticate the user.

We recommend that you do all your testing on Staging.

Note: While the Staging and Production app ID's look very similar they are actually different guid's. You can not just changing "staging" to "production" in the App ID URL to switch from one to the other.

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